Name that Character Vote!

See, I knew you guys were awesome!

Too awesome, in fact. You all submitted so many awesome names for the 'name that character' contest that I could barely bring myself to trim down the list for the vote!

So being the coward that I am, I left it up to my family and friends to choose their favorites out of the pack, saving me from the burden. :-) Listed below are the name choices, the name of the submitter, as well as pronunciations for the submitting that may have needed it.

Niamh (Nee-av) Celene McGloughin ~ Leah Woods
Shannon McCarthy ~ Jill
Siobhan (SHIV-awn) Donnelly ~ Ashley/Book Labyrinth
Aoife (EE-fa) Colgan ~ LeoCristea
Maeve (MAYV) Ahearn ~ Brandi Nayber
Ciara (KEE-ra) Brannigan ~ Ashley/Book Labyrinth
Nuala (NOO-lah) MacKenna ~ Carly/Fiction Fascination
Aine (Awn-y-uh) Whelan ~ Carly/Fiction Fascination

Look them over, choose your favorites, and cast your vote using the poll in the right hand column. Voting closes on Friday evening, and you can vote for as many names as you like!

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  1. Ahhhh excited to have been one of the final choices :) thank you!!