What's in a name...

(Update - entry deadline extended until end of day today, Monday, April 1st.)(No joke) :-)

Okay my lovelies, time to show the world how amazing you are!

I need a name. I have been having a horrible time coming up with a name fr one of the characters in the sequel to THE HOLDERS, so I decided that I'd leave it up to you. Sound like fun? Or amusing at the very least?

Okay then, here's the deal. I am taking submissions for a name. You can submit as many times as you would like, either here in the comments, on Twitter as long as you '@' me at @Julianna__Scott, or on THE HOLDERS Facebook page, either as a comment or a wall post. I will take my favorites out of all the entries and put them up for a vote next week. The vote will start Tuesday, meaning you have until end of day Monday the 1st to submit your name, and the winner will be announced Thursday the 4th. The winning name will be a character in THE SEERS, and the creator will win a signed copy of THE HOLDERS, as well as a mention and thank you in the acknowledgement section of THE SEERS when it is release next year!

Now about the name...

It is for a 16 year old female character that we meet in the beginning of book, and she spends most of her time looking down on Becca because (as far as this character knows), Becca has no real ability. The character has red/blond hair, and is of 100% Irish decent (and VERY proud of it). It is also worthy of note that I need both a first and last name, and the last name chosen will be the name of the other characters we meet from her family, and thus needs to be an Irish name. It is up to you weather or not you give her a middle name.

Okay, I guess that's it! If you have any questions either about the contest or about the character that you feel might help you in your name selection, feel free to ask in any of the submission methods mentioned above, and good luck!

(Small legal disclaimer: All names entered will be considered fictional, weather they are or not. You are free to use your Great Aunt Lucy's name if you love it, but for the purposes of publication all names will be considered fictional, and unrepresentative of any persons, alive or dead.)


  1. Aoife Colgan
    Niamh Callaghan

  2. This is such a cool contest! I'll bow out from participating (based on the awesome name mentioned above, I'm pretty sure I'd be out of my league, anyway), but good luck to the participants! :)

  3. Fun!

    My suggestions:

    Siobhan Donnelly
    Saoirse Maguire
    Ciara (pronounced Keer-a) Brannigan

  4. Darcy Kerrigan
    Kylie Flynn
    Norah Sullivan
    Shannon McCarthy
    Regan Gallagher

    Fun! Really excited for book #2!

  5. Niamh Celene McGloughin I think is better than McGloughan :)