Writing Classes Open for Enrollment!

Update: All classes are now full as of 10/30/2013.
Thanks to everyone for the amazing amount of interest, and if you missed your chance this time around, not to worry, another batch of classes will be posted in January. If you would like to get a reminder when they go up, send me your email and I'll put you on a notification.

Original Post:

So, I need to start of by saying that I am sorry for the confusion about the online writing classes. I have gotten some emails from a few of you who found the writing classes I am teaching online wondering how you can enroll. It's true, I am teaching three classes over the next few months, but unfortunately they are being sponsored by a CSA education enrichment program and enrolment is limited to members of the CSA.

However, since there has been interest, I have decided to offer the classes on my own to anyone interest in taking them. They will be entirely online and open to anyone, and the best news is that since all we have to worry about covering is the fee they are charging me for opening the class publicly, these courses will be some of the cheapest out there! (Woohoo, right?)  :-)

So here are the details:

     Each class will run once a week for the number of weeks listed in the class description.

     The classes will take place in a virtual classroom (chat room) so to be able to participate, you will need a reliable internet connection.

     The fees listed for the classes are paid one time only and are not weekly fees.

     Each class enrolment also includes a one on one session with me to discuss your work and get personalized notes and critique.

     Each class will be limited to 20 seats, so some may fill quickly.

     To register for classes, click the 'Writing Classes' tab above or use the Registration widget in the sidebar.

The Classes:

YA Novel Springboard
6 Week Session

Class will be offered on both Tuesday and Sunday evenings, and you may choose the day that best fits your needs.
Tuesday Class: Meets each week from 8:00 to 9:00pm (Central) starting on November 12th and ending on December 17th
Sunday Class: Meets each week from 8:00 to 9:00pm (Central) starting November 9th and ending December 14th

In this class: We will work on plotting, organizing, outlining and drafting your YA novel. We will cover the basics of the genre and market, making sure your story idea is complete and cohesive from start to finish, the different styles of drafting and how to choose the one that works best for you, as well as the art of constructive criticism--how to give it, how tot take it, when to listen when to ignore, and using it improve your story and even your writing overall.

Class Goals: By the end of this course you will have a solid outline for your novel, a synopsis of the story, several chapters of your novel drafted and critiqued, as well as a solid plan for moving forward on your project.

Class Fee: $25.00 for six week course

*                     *                      *

The Art of Self-Editing
4 Week Session

Class will meet on Wednesday evenings from 8:00 to 9:00pm (Central) starting on November 20th and ending on December 11th

In this class: We will discuss the process of editing your own work from hacking though your first draft to polishing the small details at the end. You will learn to look at your own writing with a critical eye and begin to recognize and become more aware of your own voice as a writer. We will talk about the importance of beta readers, and the all important aspect of criticism, including how to take it, who to take it from, and how to use it to better not only your current work but your writing overall.

Class Goals: By the end of this course you will have a better understanding of how you are as a writing including your common pitfalls, buzz-words, and strengths. You will have critically edited a piece of your work (either in it's entirety or just a potion), and you will have a strong handle on some of the key steps to self-editing and be confidently prepared to put them to use on future projects.

Class Fee: $15.00 for six week course

*                     *                      *

The Dreaded Duo: Queries and Synopses
4 Week Intensive (Two weeks on query, two weeks on synopsis)

Class will meet on Monday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00pm (Central) starting on November 20th and ending on December 11th

In this class: We will cover anything you every wanted to know about the query and synopsis. The first two classes will be devoted tot he query in which we will discuss the needed elements, formatting, do's and don'ts, and general structure. For the synopsis potion we will go over what is expected of a synopsis, the differences in writing the three page to the one page, details about details and when to leave them out, and how genre and theme can come into play. We will go over an example of each from everyone who wants to submit their work to the class and learn by active discussion and demonstration.

Class Goals: By the end of this course you will no longer be afraid intimidated or confused by the query or synopsis, and have detailed notes on your current ones(if submitted).

Class Fee: $20.00 for four week intensive.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, and I hope you come and join the party! I think we are all going to have a great time! :-)

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