Social Media: Be Who You Like

The best way to ensure they you are getting the followers you want and making the most of your social media outlets is to be the person you would want to follow.

Ask yourself:

What sort of Tweets do I like to read?
Which advertisements and promotional Tweets do I click on. Which ones do I skip?
What are my favorite types of blog posts?
Which Facebook posts and updates to I get excited when I see?

And the all important follow up question: Why?

If you make your social media approach more personal, you are going to have a much easier time reaching the right people. Start asking things like, 'That do I like in a Tweet?' instead of 'What makes a good Tweet?', and you'll quickly realize that there is often a huge difference.  99% of the time, you are a member of your ideal audience, so target them the way you would want to be targeted.

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