Quote'n Cast...

All right ladies and gents, it's quote day! (I mistyped yesterday and said 'today' when I meant 'tomorrow', sorry about that!) This should be fun as I have a little surprise to add, it will also be... casting day!

Allow me to explain...

Throughout The Holders' blog tour and even now when I speak to people, one of the most common questions I get asked is, "If they made The Holders into a movie, who would your dream cast be?" I never have an answer. First, because I have never been a huge fan of book movies, but more than that, when it come to book to film, I prefer unknown actors. Not sure why that is, I just do.

However, the lovely internet has provided me with the opportunity to make a truly dream cast; one that could never even actually exist. Here's how this will work... All you lovelies have provided me with a slew of 'favorite quotes' from The Holders. What I will do is group them by character, and when I post them, I will also post a picture of my cast choice. Now keep in mind that I am only going by the picture it self and nothing else. Some of the images are of actors, but may are of models, singers, etc., and some of them may not even be alive anymore. All I am interested, for this little exercise anyway is the way the person looks IN THE PHOTO. Not what they actually do in person or what they look like now.

Got it? Cool! First pic and group of quotes goes up at 10:00 central time, then another on each hour after that till we're done! And if along the way you think of any of your own casting choices or a quote we missed, feel free to add it to the wall! We'd love to see your thoughts! :-)


Let's have some fun...

(This post was taken from The Holders' Facebook page. That is where the quote and picture post will appear throughout the day today. You can join us HERE.)

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