Oh, so much going on! We are only a week away from the start of The Holders' colossally huge blog tour (full schedule of which can be found HERE), and only two weeks... THAT'S TWO WEEKS away from the US and Canada release!

*runs for smelling salts*

*remembers what century it is*

Okay, so just a few updates today, but they will start coming fast from here on in, so stay tuned. The big news today is that there are 4 copies of The Holders up for grabs, three of them signed by yours truly. The three signed copes are available through a Goodreads Giveaway which you can enter HERE. The other is being give out by Strange Chemistry to one of the lucky people who 'Like' them on Facebook, so don't miss that one either. You can Like them HERE.

Tons to do, so I'm going to leave you for now, but be back soon! :-)


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