I'm Julianna, and this is my new blog!

Welcome to any new peeps out there, as well as those of you who know me from elsewhere and continue to rock my many worlds. You guys are awesome! :-)

So anyway, not much to say today, so grab a virtual doughnut courtesy of the newly opened Dunkin' Doughnuts that is literally down the street from my house (I know, right! Gah!!), and have a look around. For the next ten days, there will be a new post up daily, after which I'll start a regular posting schedule.

There is also a brand new site for my upcoming book, THE HOLDERS, that you can check out here. (I've been a busy bee.)

Thanks for stopping, and let me know what you think of the new diggs!



  1. So pretty! I love the website, too (uh, is there anything you can't do? Honestly, if there was a triathlon for creativity, you'd have it in the bag ;). Looks like I have a new blog to add to my sidebar! As always, looking forward to your posts!