Grrr... Love Triangles...

Okay, here is my problem with love triangles.

... you know, since you asked...  :)

When you love two people, you don't love either of them enough. Love triangles run rampant in the YA market, but lately they have squirmed their way into adult romance as well--and my question is why? Why is that so desirable? I guess I can see why having two men fight over you would be hot, and make you feel wanted and all, but to flip-flop and not know who to chose makes no sense to me. If you are seeing guy one, and guy two comes along, there should be no doubt at all that you are taken unless you give guy two that doubt. And if you give him that doubt, then you don't want guy one as much as you may lead us to believe.

In any romance I read--YA or otherwise--I want the two MCs to love each other totally and completely. When you have a triangle, you kill that, because no matter who ends up together, now there will always be doubt--and doubt is not romantic.

Not to mention that this whole idea is a TOTAL double standard. Somehow it's become romantic for a woman to have two guys fawning over her, while she has to "follow her heart", and "make the impossible decision", blah, blah, blah. Yet a guy debating between two women is a dog. Think about it, if you best friend/sister/etc. told you that she was in love with a guy and that he loved her too, but he also loved another girl and he was trying to decide between them, what would you tell her? Would you say, "Oh, well you just keep waiting and I'll have my fingers crossed for you." Hell no. You'd say, "Kick him to the curb, and go find a man who will love you, and only you!"


Needless to say there will never be a triangle in anything that I will ever write.

You? Am I alone here? I'm thinking I am, but I'd love to hear your two cents.

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  1. You bring up a good point about doubt in love triangles. I'm a little bit half and half when it comes to love triangles and the one guy kind of girl.

    Sometimes I'm a little bored when the girl doesn't look twice at another guy, because sometimes the heroine comes off as obsessive or immature in her perceptions of love and relationships. However, I would rather her just know who she wants without too much drama, but it just depends on how the author portrays the romance.

    Love triangles are fine with me when they aren't drawn out for too long and the heroine is honest about her conflict. I can't stand when the heroine is dishonest or selfish or vain because she wants two guys or she's too blind to see which one is actually good for her.